Transformational energy workshops

We are all energy, vibrating at different levels …..

How often do you walk into a room and sense feelings of negativity? You watch the news and realise your mood has become one of ‘doom and gloom.’


Within us we have energy centres otherwise known as chakras. For instance we have the heart chakra which is responsible for love, the throat chakra responsible for communication. Each chakra has a colour, thus the throat chakra is turquoise and to wear a turquoise scarf enhances our powers/energies to speak our truth.

How often have you experienced a coincidence? Written it off as luck or a strange happening? Somebody suddenly appears in your situation, helps and is gone. You may have thought to yourself it was your guardian angel? What do you know about Archangels? And that you can call upon the Angels and Archangels for help.

These workshops are to enable you to explore your energy centres. Discuss with others how you contact your guardian angels. Use angel cards to help you in your future direction. Develop techniques to protect yourself against negative energies.

I facilitate these workshops but they are open to all people with different levels of experience in these areas. They are not for problem solving but developing your capacity to enhance and change your energy levels for a fuller life.