Manage Stress

Technique for Managing overwhelm or specific emotions/feelings

Does life get too much? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you experience negative feelings that stop you from action, that keep you constricted and not in the flow of life. Learn how to deal with stress Surrey! As an Emotion Freedom Technique practitioner I can show you some simple techniques to reduce these levels of negative emotion. The techniques involve  ”tapping” on the body’s energy meridian points and is based upon an ancient Chinese therapy. They can help with headaches, stress, money worries …any emotion that results in fear and constriction.

Weight ‘Loss’ programme

I offer initially an 8 week programme on weight ‘loss’. This is instruction in the ‘tapping techniques’ a series of weekly worksheets followed by a weekly coaching call. Just think if you lose something, you often spend time and effort searching for what you have lost. The same applies to weight. How often have you ‘lost’ weight only to put it back on again.If your mind set is to ‘lose’ weight then you will go in search of what you have lost. In this programme you are encouraged and supported to look at the emotions and feelings surrounding your weight, and to change your mind set. Try thinking in future of weight reduction rather than weight loss.

Improving your relationships

Become aware of yourself and get to know yourself better. What makes you ‘tick’ and then explore what you want in close relationships. Consider your expectations of others and what they expect of you. Explore the skills of perspective taking, active listening and how to empathise with your partner. Consider how you deal with conflict in your relationships and how you can compromise without feeling that you have ‘given in’.

Do you struggle in your close relationships? When you spend time together on holiday do more arguments occur? Have you run out of things to say to each other? You know you want a change but how. Do you suggest the “chat” which at times is dreaded as you do not want to hear the answers.

In this 6-8 week programme, there is instruction in the tapping techniques, a series of worksheets and a weekly telephone coaching call. This programme is for those who want to make changes in their relationships or have had an external event- such as divorce- which has resulted in change. Change is often about loss – loss of a loved one – loss of friends and family, but in this change there is always gain. Use this programme to focus on the gains in your life and how you and/or your partner can move forward.